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Image by Bruce Warrington


Decades ago, the interest in tinkering on most anything with spark plugs rapidly evolved into a passion for cars. Sports cars, muscle cars, and especially Corvettes soon took center stage. As inquiries from people needing repairs and restorations grew, so did the passion.  Before long, word spread, and the shop was constantly filled with chrome-trimmed classics and modern exotics in need of attention.  The work and knowledge increased as complex repairs, and full restorations became the norm. Outsourcing has never been our thing.  Major component overhauls have always been done on-site.  Manual transmission rebuilds, suspension reconditioning, and distributor recurving are just some of the remanufacturing experience. 


We are also expert engine rebuilders from “as original” to competition use and everything in between. We can restore life to the heart of your beast.  Now the time has come to offer this expertise and without breaking wallets.  From the most basic to the complex, if your Corvette or any old ride needs some attention, contact us for a refreshing break from those “world-class” shops.  That’s us too, but you’ll drive away feeling a lot better about the experience. 

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